What’s holding you back from exercise?  Time?  Energy? Motivation?

What if there was a workout your could do:

  • in less than 20 minutes
  • almost anywhere and anytime

Would you do it?  You can do it at the park, in your living room, in your backyard, or at the gym.

It’s an interval workout.  Interval training is a high and low intensity workout. 

Phil Campbell, author of Ready, Set, Go!  Synergy Fitness for Time-Crunched Adults created the Sprint 8 program.

In Sprint 8’s you do a high intensity portion for 30 seconds and low intensity portion for 90 seconds.  For me, I like to do this on the trampoline.  I do 30 seconds of high knee jumps and then do a slow jog around the tramp for 90 seconds.  I repeat this process for 8 cycles (thus the name – Sprint 8’s). 

You can do this sprinting if you are in good shape, but if you are not in supreme shape, just trying running and walking or running and jogging.  Another cool idea is to try jump roping or jumping jacks for the high intensity portion.

I use a Timex Ironman watch which is set to go off at 30 seconds and then again at 90 seconds.  You can easily find an app for your phone to do a similar routine.  I use A HIIT Interval Timer for Android which is free. 

You will have to set a warm up time.  I recommend 2 minutes.  Then set the interval times for 30 seconds and 90 seconds.  Set the rounds for 8.  Lastly, set the cool down time.  I actually just use the 90 seconds on the end of the eighth round to cool down.

You can do Sprint 8’s two or three times per week.  I would not recommend it for daily use.  On the days that you are not doing Sprint 8’s try Yoga for stretch and balance.  I also like to add in weights or resistance to build muscle.

If you suspect that they might be suffering from adrenal fatigue, you really want to stay away from any kind of chronic cardio.  This is cardio that is high intensity like aerobics or running that is more than 45 minutes at a time and multiple days of the week. 

You might suspect adrenal fatigue if you feel tired, fatigued or weak instead of energized after a workout.  You might also feel like you are not recovering from your workouts or losing muscle instead of gaining muscle.

Interval training is a good choice if you suspect adrenal fatigue.

Sprint 8’s have also been shown in studies to increase your HGH or human growth hormone.  HGH helps convert body fat into energy.  HGH also helps keep us young and vibrant.  I mean, who doesn’t want more of that?

I’ll talk more about HGH next time.

Feel YOUR Best,


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